Cartmel – The Lake District 

Cartmel races, the event I look forward to every year. It is a long standing family tradition that has been going on since I was a little girl.  

This year started off with the classic 08:00am call from my dad, “are you ready?”…daft question, I am NEVER ready, obviously I lied “of course I am”. My dad loves getting all of us up at the crack of a sparrows arse, Im sure its his favourite hobby. 

Anyway on the road to Cartmel and arrive early doors ready to set up on the course ready for the day. Before I tell you the gazebo story, I must tell you my dad is a builder. So, on the racecourse we tend to take a gazebo, a table and camping chairs. The gazebo, the dreaded task of every race trip…especially in the rain! I didn’t time it but I’m going to say it took us around 45 minutes to put the worlds most basic gazebo up. The paramedics were laughing. Once that was sorted though we were set up for the day. As you will be able to see in the below picture, the gazebo was needed. ​

After a very wet Saturday, came a gorgeous sunny Sunday. We spent our day around Windermere looking in the lovely shops, playing golf and sipping cold beverages in beer gardens. Ambling around Windermere is the perfect way to spend the day in the Lakes when the races aren’t on. 

In May the races were on, on Saturday 27th, Monday 29th and Wednesday 31st. My partner and I stayed Saturday till Tuesday, so we had two days of races and two days exploring the Lakes. 

I must mention the Choccobar in Windermere. Waffles, chocolate and more waffles! Just go try it, you will not complain. 


My not so sensible hill walking Zara sliders.



One night we had tea at the Cavendish restaurant. The food is insanely good, I ate every last bit and nearly exploded. I had to decline pudding…at that particular moment. But after a long walk back up to the hotel, I worked up an appetite and ordered an Apple Crumble and a Gin. 

We usually stay at the Uplands hotel. Around a 20 minute walk to Cartmel Village (when sober, approx 1 hour and 45 when intoxicated), the walk back up from the village is always fun. The rooms at the Uplands are comfortable and clean, the food is scrumptious and the views are impressive. I highly recommend this place to stay if going to Cartmel.

So if I have convinced you, have a look at Cartmel Racecourse website at race dates. Rumour has it that Tom Jones is playing LIVE after the races in June. Have a little look and give it a go.

Happy Adventures 🙂