A Cheshire Farm Shop To Visit This Winter.

The Hollies Farm Shop.

I absolutely LOVE this place. It is a lovely place to visit all year round however, during the Autumn/Winter the Hollies just looks incredibly magical. This Christmasy wonderland has it all.

The Gift Barn.

From candles to boozy gifts, you will find it hard to not buy something. There is something for everyone…if you like incredibly lovely things that is!

Everything is displayed beautifully. After visiting the Barn Gift Shop you will want to go home and put the tree up. Honestly, I haven’t done that but I did get excited for the Christmas countdown. Is it too early for the C word? No, fab I will carry on.

The Farm shop.

Being the Cheshire girl I am (sadly not Cornish but never mind), I absolutely love buying produce from farm shops, everything just tastes better.


Pumpkin galore.

You can’t compare the food from a farm shop to your local super market. The shopping experience is just so much nicer. Selecting your fresh fruit and veg and popping them into your wicker basket. As opposed to bumping trolleys down a busy Asda aisle trying to grab a loaf of bread with the best date on it. Okay, I know you can’t do your whole weekly shop in the farm shop but for your fruit, veg, meat, bread and lovingly baked goodies, there is nothing better than going to a farm shop, and the Hollies has got to be my favourite.

Of course we didn’t go home empty handed. It’s actually hard to choose what to have, which is why you simply have to keep returning to try something new.

If you live local to The Hollies or are out and about around the area, I highly recommend having a look around. They also have a coffee shop and a restaurant, which I am yet to try but it’s on my list. I will let you know what I think.

Happy farm shopping. Please do let me know your thoughts.

With Love,
Saucy Anchor