Thank you to a man I have never met

I am so fascinated by the story behind the brand that is Millican, I would really like to share their brand and story with you…

Over the past few years, myself and my boyfriend have been getting outdoors more and more with our cameras. One of the places we love to visit (and never gets old), is the Lake District. We were in Keswick a couple of years ago, when we stumbled across the most striking back pack in the window of a walking shop.


Usually, what attracts me to a brand is the story behind it. I am a huge supporter of small, independent brands, and where possible I will buy from them. Millican’s story has got me hooked. The co-founders were inspired by the life choices made by a man called Millican Dalton.

“People are shutting their eyes to the foundations of the universe.”

Taking in the views and the emotions of being outdoors really helped me through a dark time in my life. I mention this because I feel Mr Dalton also felt how powerful the great outdoors can make you feel. It will always amaze me how being away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and social media (which coincidently I now feel should be called “not so social media”), can make you feel like anything is possible. Dreams don’t seem to be so far away and your head becomes much clearer.

Millican Dalton

Millican Dalton, was just like you and I, he loved walking, exploring and being at one with nature. He hated the humdrum of regular Monday – Friday working. The difference with this man is that he did something about it. He left his job as an insurance clerk and for the hills he set. The Lake District called his name and off he went without looking back. Millican was very much a free-spirit. In the summer months he lived in a cave in the side of Castle Crag. He often took people on adventures; those of course who were lovers of the outdoors. The visitors would speak of how they felt relaxed and peaceful after spending time with him.

I think I would of liked to go on one of Millican’s adventures; After reading up on the man known as the “professor of adventure”, it’s certain anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors would of.

I am so in love with the Millican brand, everything about it is so awe-inspiring. If you would like to read more about Millican Dalton, here is a link you may be interested in.
A search for romance and freedom – Amazon

Where to find your Millican rucksack

The story. The product. The feeling.
Millican. Thank you,

Saucy Anchor ⚓️